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Sunday, January 15, 2012


My apron.
I have had it hanging around for over a year.
A little too frilly for me.
I don't do ruffles, frills, etc.
Lots of bad memories of my mother dressing me in lace, frills etc.
when all I ever wanted to wear was my jeans and red cowboy boots.
But that's another story!

I decided to make a fun curtain for the kitchen out of the apron.

Day photo..
too much back lighting.

Night photo.
this is better...
Now you can see it.
Those triangle ends are the crisscross bib from the apron.
I used only two ruffles because I wanted to keep the curtain short.
The felt balls I added for whimsy.
That chicken in the window?  I bought at a craft art shop.
The chicken is felt and is sitting in a wire nest that is atop an old bed spring.
The child's rubber boot makes a fun planter.
The chicken towel hooks on the side cabinet was originally 
painted dark colors.  I repainted it with the bright colors.  

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