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Monday, January 9, 2012


I love these jeans.
I love these sneakers.
They make me smile.
So when I tore these old jeans, I saved them to mend.
And with my NEW sewing machine, yahoo!!!!!
I  just mended these and am now wearing them with a smile on my face.
While I was sewing along, I thought of Dad.
He would take his work jeans and zig zag patch them and 
wear them like NEW!  He was resourceful and saved many things.
I could feel his energy while I sewed these.  

It's comforting to rescue an old friend.
 I am so blessed to work in my art studio here at home.
I can not tell you how wonderful it is to slip on my favorite jeans,
tie up my favorite sneakers and work surrounded by my birds, dog and cat.
It's crispy cold outside, and I have a fire burning in the wood stove here in the studio.


What a nice way to start my day!


even better!

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