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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


It feels good to run away.
Yesterday, I lured a friend to run away with me.  We went to Grand Junction, a place I know well!
Well, sort of.  I grew up there in the 50's and it was a nice quiet town.  No more.  The traffic is
huge and most places crowded.  Even on a Tuesday!  I won't go there before Christmas because it's CRAZY!

After we stopped in Palisade to check on my one account in town, we had lunch at a great cafe and for "dessert" we visited the local Blue Pig Gallery.  It was wonderful and I was inspired.

Next we went to Hobby Lobby and I found some FABULOUS duck fabric plus I had a 40% coupon (thank to my girlfriend) and bought some yardage for some oh I don't know exactly what yet, but I had to have this fabric.

It's happy happy.. and I loved the way the flowers pop off the black background!
So here's what I have done so far!

I recovered the stool here in the entry way.
This photo shows the true colors best.  I love the turquoise
in the print.
I had a couple of mix matched cushion/pillows in the little rocker.  And decided
this would look great with these happy new colors.
The carpet is not black.
here's a better view showing the unusual color of our carpeting.

See the blue in the patch rug?  The one patch with the yellow bird?
It's that blue.. and whenever I try to take photos, the rug turns a strange color.  
I like the blue -- it's different but's a pain to keep clean.  Dark carpeting doesn't show
the dirt, but it shows dog hair, and lint.  BIG time.  I seriously should vacuum every day.
But I don't.  
I also covered a little pillow and tossed it on the couch to carry the new fabric into the room

We also stopped at several thrift shops.  I found this wonderful bamboo cart with wheels for a steal.
I can use this to hold some of my cuttings and new plants that I start.  I sat it here in front of the huge windows in our dining room where morning sun is glorious.  This cart will also work as a side table for dinners both inside and out on the deck.  So I was pretty happy with this find.

So I have discovered that having my new sewing machine makes sewing a LOT MORE FUN!
I think over the years, any sewing I would do, using an old machine, was total frustration.
What a nice change having a machine that zips along, no problems!!!!!

♥have a happy day♥


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