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Monday, July 26, 2010


This morning's art turned into a fun project.  I started making a dog's face thinking I was going to make it's body out of old license plates.  But as I was working on the body, I spotted an old craft chalkboard that one of my junk friends gave me the other day.  And the spark went off, and this is what I came up with.
I have a birthday gift that I need to get out in the mail this week, so of course, this is perfect!  I can use the chalkboard for the birthday card!  ta da!!!!!
I love it when an unexpected pleasure pops out.  Another reason why I love starting my day off artfully!
real work lays ahead of a very busy day!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Sometimes, a simple thing, can turn into such an abundance of joy.  I bought these two hibiscus plants a year ago last spring at the grocery store.  They were only a foot tall.  I planted them in these large planters and
watered them every morning.  The mtn morning sun can cook plants if you don't water religiously.  All summer they bloomed.  Before the first frost I took them inside and placed them by the large windows in our dining room.  They continued to bloom most of the winter.  I had planned to prune them back in the spring, but couldn't bear to do it.  We brought them back out for the summer and they are just so happy to be outside in the sun.  A little miracle grow, and they are happy as can be.  And I marvel and ohhh at the beauty of each huge blossom.  The color is divine, isn't it?
                A bright vivid mango color that makes me think of tropical flowers.  Such happy plants!!!
                                                                    Be in the NOW!

Monday, July 19, 2010


Pie to me is heaven and was always made with loving hands by my grandmother or my mom.
I am carrying on the tradition of making FABULOUS pies.  The pie crust has to be homemade.  Always.
The filing -- as much as you can possibly put into the pie..  Then the long awaited ding of the timer, and out of the oven comes your work of art.  As soon as it's cool enough to eat, you cut that first piece, letting the smell
curl up and make mouth's water.  Apple, cherry, peach... I love them all.  Rhubarb with strawberries.
Lemon Meringue is my favorite on a hot summer day.
And my grandmother used to make the best BEST mincemeat pie.  All from scratch.  Her mincemeat was made in her kitchen, canned and put up for future pies.  The mincemeat you buy in stores now is horrible sweet stuff.. nothing like the mincemeat my grandmother used to make.  I have her receipe and I swear someday I will can some for my own pies. 
So here's to all us pie lovers.
I am inspired to make a pie!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010


My daughter and I were driving down the road one day while they were here visiting, and out of the blue,
Emalie starts singing "I"M YOUR HONEY, NOT SOMEBODY ELSE'S HONEY".. which of course made us laugh out loud.  And that little song has stuck in my brain.  Then last week, I was invited to take part in a Bee Festival that is coming up in Palisade.. spring, fall, can't remember at the moment.
So this morning I did a fun watercolor of a honey bee and tagged on Emalie's sweet song.
I just love this.  And of course, I just love Emalie!
onto kitchen towels, and aprons etc.!!!!


Young's Lake, Grand Mesa. 
A place that holds so many wonderful memories.
We 4 wheeled into this lake Sunday - it was great fun.
I felt my Dad's presence often while riding in.  I would of loved to sit by the lake and
simply be but I was with Dan and our good friend Scott and Vona so I resisted the urge.
Plus there was the clouds looming up and we were hoping to be gone before it rained.
We had a really fun day.. and our smiles say it all.
These Columbines are the palest of blues.  I love their delicate beauty.

And these mountain folk were tolerant of us cruising through their lunch.

And Marley makes himself comfortable in the camper..
It was a wonderful fun summer day.
we have lovely memories!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


 I found this old card table in the alley the other night by a dumpster.  I tossed it into the back of my car, not even taking the time to see if it was broken..
Yesterday I pulled it out of my car, dusted it off, and set it up. Sturdy as can be.  Yes,  it's old, and it's got some scratches but I will put this old table to good use.  Put a nice tablecloth over it, and ta-da!!!!

 On the back of the table, I found a label.

Now here's the interesting part.  This table orginally  sold for $3.00.  And I guessed it was from the 40's/50's.  So this morning, I took pictures, then went online looking the Shwayder Bros, Inc up.  How interesting! If you are the least bit curious, here's the link to what I found!

This is a Colorado company started by Jesse Shwayder.  The picture shows the brothers standing on the table using a 2 x 4.  This apparently was their way of showing the strength of their products.  And obviously, they were true to their claim, as my "new" old table is in perfect working condition, with not a wobble to be found.  For free.  Imagine paying $3.00 today for a table and expecting it to last 50-60 years.  Makes you wonder about our "progress" these days!!!

NOW it's my new little side table to use at art shows, etc.  wahooo!!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Last night I did the Farmer's Market..  which is great fun!  The set up and breakdown is a lot of work and yesterday I was still exhausted from our big holiday weekend.  We had a BBQ for 25 friends at the house..
Feeling my age today :)  But last night, pulling into the house, I just couldn't think of lifting another thing, so I left all in the back of the car and went to bed!!!  So this morning, I will quickly unload all this.  My new car
is doing great for hauling.  It is a little smaller than the Jimmy, but still does a grand job. 

I did manage to do more art yesterday morning before market. 
Here is  "Kitchen Goddess"
And I titled this one, "Blackbird Girl".  Her license plate is a 1936 Kansas plate and her feet are old casters.
I really love this one.
I plan to do some work to day, but also have promised myself a nap.
Because  NOW I deserve it!