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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Sometimes, a simple thing, can turn into such an abundance of joy.  I bought these two hibiscus plants a year ago last spring at the grocery store.  They were only a foot tall.  I planted them in these large planters and
watered them every morning.  The mtn morning sun can cook plants if you don't water religiously.  All summer they bloomed.  Before the first frost I took them inside and placed them by the large windows in our dining room.  They continued to bloom most of the winter.  I had planned to prune them back in the spring, but couldn't bear to do it.  We brought them back out for the summer and they are just so happy to be outside in the sun.  A little miracle grow, and they are happy as can be.  And I marvel and ohhh at the beauty of each huge blossom.  The color is divine, isn't it?
                A bright vivid mango color that makes me think of tropical flowers.  Such happy plants!!!
                                                                    Be in the NOW!

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