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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Last night I did the Farmer's Market..  which is great fun!  The set up and breakdown is a lot of work and yesterday I was still exhausted from our big holiday weekend.  We had a BBQ for 25 friends at the house..
Feeling my age today :)  But last night, pulling into the house, I just couldn't think of lifting another thing, so I left all in the back of the car and went to bed!!!  So this morning, I will quickly unload all this.  My new car
is doing great for hauling.  It is a little smaller than the Jimmy, but still does a grand job. 

I did manage to do more art yesterday morning before market. 
Here is  "Kitchen Goddess"
And I titled this one, "Blackbird Girl".  Her license plate is a 1936 Kansas plate and her feet are old casters.
I really love this one.
I plan to do some work to day, but also have promised myself a nap.
Because  NOW I deserve it!

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