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Thursday, November 12, 2009


Just finished her.  I like her!  I used an old lock for her body.. and an old rusty bike chain for her arms.
Her wings are metal painted white, and her skirt is a little tart  cup that I flattened and cut into her skirt.
I used beads and wire for her feet.  Her head is an old top to some beverage can with the openings for her eyes.  I used a small metal red screw top squished into a mouth shape.  I punched holes along her crown and tied on some multi colored twine that I unfurled to make fuller.  I love her hair..  I want hair like this!~

   Have 7 of these done, and need one more.  Though one of my dada's is not to my liking.  So if I have time, I will do another one.  Though often I have placed some art piece in a show, and even though I wasn't crazy about it, it sold.  So what do I know, right?  These will be going up to the Aspen Chapel Gallery for the
Small Wonders Show.  There are 30 artists showing 8 pieces ea.  Four are hung initially and then as
pieces sell, the remaining 4 are brought out to fill in.  I am not sure if we get to pick the first 4, but
I am requesting my pick and am sure they will comply. 

Opening for the Winterfest at Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts is tomorrow night, plus I am setting up tomorrow afternoon for the Unique Boutique which will be on Saturday.  I have more cards to do, plus other stuff I am taking.  I like to set up my "space" here at my studio to get a plan on how I am going to set up at the shows.  BIG HELP!  Yesterday I ran around town looking for Christmas tablecloths.   Yikes.  Didn't feel like spending $50 for those, so I opted for two colorful plastic tablecloths for my tables.  Think it will look just great, plus I was much happier spending only $10.  I needed more baskets but again, didn't want to spend the money.  So I found some nice open flat boxes and I will line them with holiday tissue paper.  Some garlands and twinkle lights and I will be festive and cheery.  Should be a fun day.  Plus snow is coming.
Good for sales!

After this weekend, I will be through my shows, at least the creating and hanging part.  Phew.  It will
be nice to move on to other art projects.  And to clean up my studio.  Getting a little nuts here.


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