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Monday, November 9, 2009


Be ECCENTRIC.. it's a joyfull state to be in.  It's one of the delicious perks of getting older.  I am way past
caring what some people think.  I walk in joy and surround myself with positive people.  Keep the wonder
of life within me.  It's the only way to trek through life. 
And here's my dada eccentric - completed.  Two more to go.

His body is an old can of some kind of goop that came with a twist off lid with a brush attached.
The Goop is long since hardend and remains in the bottom of this can.   The stem of that brush
reminded me of his spine and the goop his gut intentions.  I used old measuring spoons for his
arms, bending them to hold the "ballon" and the other one open ready to receive life.
I like this little guy.
ta for now.

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