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Friday, September 3, 2010



Well, the frog is a little worn out now, and Marley is certainly a LOT BIGGER.  We thought we were getting a medium size dog but we got a BIG DOG. And of course, now he is perfect the way he is -- just more of him to LOVE!  Marley has become the center of our lives.  We are always laughing and loving his silly fun ways.  He spends days here with me at the studio... napping and patiently waiting for a walk or ride.  He adores getting the mail with us.. he will even help bring in the groceries.  We take him with us nearly everywhere we go.. he especially loves the jeep rides.  He always greets us with a smile and lots of tail wagging and it is so special to be loved by Marley.
Here in the neighborhood, Marley's best friend is Oso.  They met at a local park and we hook up with Pablo his owner and Oso and Marley play and run and run.  It's so fun to watch them romp and wear themselves out.  I want to take a movie of those two. It's just so great for them to get together.
I cannot imagine my life with Marley.  The love of this sweet dog just makes every day a happy joyful day.
The sky is just bluer, the songs sweeter and you cannot help but feel blessed.
to work!


Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

Dogs fill our lives with so much joy! We have a little one 6 1/2 pounds full grown. She's barky but we love her! Marley is a cutie pie!

Artist Linda Drake and Lunar Designs said...

thanks Kelly..
I am always grateful for Marley's love.. it's a bright spot of fun and fur every day!!!!