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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


There comes a time in our lives, when you hit a wall.  When you know, no one else can rescue you
but your own free will.  This is a life lesson that has come to me time and time again.  It has
built my foundation, it has fortified my support beams, and it continues to propel my life.
When I see people being led around life with a ring in their noses, it makes me angry. Sometimes, I am even full on pissed off.  But the sanity of maturing has lessened --- " lessoned " that for me.  I try to live my life
 "live and let live".
I try HARD not to judge, though it's a habit that is hard to shove off sometimes. 
This is especially true when it's someone you love.  I have managed to shut my mouth and
allow the courses to ride, come what may.  Well today, the wall rose up.  And that person
saw the light.  Finally.  The struggles are not over, but at least she is driving her own ship now.
And to me, that is really what life is all about.  I can only hope she will stay fast and firm and
keep her hands on the wheel.  And close her ears to the nay-sayers, even the ones who mean well.
Because when it really comes down to it,
it's about trusting that inner knowing.
it's about turning off the chatter.

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