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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Beginning on 4 new paintings. These were cheap:) box art frames I found at a local hobby shop.. with some not so great art.. on sale for $2.50 each. Nice size 14 x 11 and 2 lovely inches deep. SCORE! Always on the lookout for art "canvas" and saving money this way just makes doing the art MORE FUN!
So I gessoed over these and have started layering color and textures. If you look closely to the one on the upper left you can see an image that I started from the background. Learning this fun way to "pull art" from one of my favorite mixed media artists Mystele. This gal is so talented and such a lovely sharing artist - her inspiration is endless. I am striving to not copy but rather be inspired. Copying can be an easy pull for us artists but is huge bone of contention among artists. You can be so inspired by their art, but you have to fight to retain your voice. I see it continually with artists, even experienced artists. And while I get the lure, I also know the importance of finding your own voice. I will continue to work on these. I like to do a series of backgrounds all at once. It's a fun messy way to create that I love. I still have more background elements to add to 3 of the 4 pieces but am letting the paint dry while I jump into my work day.
Just wanted to share the excitement this morning.

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Joanne said...

I love Mystelle too and have marveled at the "pulling art" technique. I stared at your backgrounds for a while and saw something in each of them....can't wait to see what you found! The backgronds are beautiful....