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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Marley here checking on the new copier that was delivered yesterday.  This is a happy day for me!!!!
I have been struggling for sometime with my old Canon copier knowing full well I was going to have to
make the leap for a new one.  The Canon was my best workhorse here in the studio.  I even named her REMARKABLE! She was:  she lived beyond her years, trudging along, with the help from my tech who didn't feel the same affection for her as I did, but nonetheless, kept her running.  So yesterday I welcomed the new copier and said goodbye to Remarkable.  A little sad to see her go.  We've been working together now for seven years!

And now a new Ricoh. Great Expections indeed.  Perhaps I should name this one Pip.  Surprising  revelation:  These new copiers are smaller and more energy efficient and... (here's the
surprise) cheaper!  wow.. lots cheaper.  Even a year ago, this would of cost so much more.  
So it was delightful to find out my lease cost would be 3/4's less than the lease price I paid for the Canon.
I had opted to do a $1.00  buy out for the Canon... which was the smart thing to do now in hindsight.
Even with the added cost of toner and part supplies and tech repair bills, it still bought me at least 3 more years of service.  But when you start doing incantations over the copier in hopes of a productive day
with no copier glitches, well, it's time. 

So today is a happy day... with Pip onboard.
Yes, I like that name. 
I christen her PIP.
Even though PIP was a boy's name in Great Expectations,
I know her gender..:)
ta for now

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