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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Still love to doodle and now and then, I let the pen just go with wild fun.  I am so ready for spring.
We had a big rain storm last night and the ground is now covered with debris from the trees.  We have cottonwood trees, huge towering things behind our property.  These are not the cottonwoods that
send out puffy cotton, but they do produce sprigs of seeds called catkins.. and LOTS of them.  They are mulberry colored and each blossom has about 3 to 4 sprigs.  They cover our cars, the yard.. I have been sweeping them up daily.  Worse, when they get wet, that mulbery color will slightly stain your car! And the seed pods that you see at the base of the these sprigs, are sticky and leave a bit of sap on your car.
Oh, the bounty of spring!  If catkins were pennies, I would be rich! 
Yesterday, I noticed little chickadees fluttering around the front of cars parked by the resturant.  As I watched, they were jumping up onto the front bumpers of cars and picking the bugs out of the grills.
Isn't nature amazing?
ta for now.

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