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Monday, August 22, 2011


First came a local pie contest that needed a design.
Then came a fun sketch on the couch watching tv last night.
Out came the watercolors and ink pen and my pie royalty appeared.
This morning, some photoshop time, and a new
design was born.  The actual pie contest design is similar...
This design will go on an apron and kitchen towel to be awarded to the GRAND pie maker at tomorrow night's Glenwood's Downtown Market 1st annual pie contest. Pies, you see, are near and dear to my heart.   My mom has baked some amazing pies in her day.. the kind that make your knees feel week when you bite into a warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream melting over the pie.  I can make a decent pie, but I think it's only a mere mortal's attempt at Mom's great pies.  My grandmother used to make homemade  canned mincemeat and every Thanksgiving and Christmas we would line up for a piece of her mincmeat.  If you have never had the real McCoy homemade mincemeat pie, instead of the horrible boughten stuff they sell in the stores, you have missed a savory piece of pie history.
Even as kids, me and my clan of cousins, LOVED her mincemeat pies.  I wish she were here to bring one of her mincemeat pies.  I would be willing to bet, it would bring the grand prize.
ta for now

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