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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Yesterday, we stopped by to see Opa's grave site.  I don't always feel his presence here but this was
a big important part of my mother's healing to have his grave and to keep the yellow flowers in place.
Now that Mom no longer lives in the same town as the cemetery, she doesn't get to stop by to visit the grave and to check on the flowers.  An old family friend named John does it.  And it looks like he is doing a great job.  This is how I found the grave with the flowers nicely tucked in place.  You can't even tell they are
fake.  And it does cheer up his resting place. 
As we drove away from the cemetery, I  thought about Dad and how much I miss him.  There seems to
be a void where he once was, and I think we all feel it in the family.  Most of all Mom.  She is adjusting
but it's a daily struggle it seems.  And she often will tell me how much she wishes she could just go to sleep and never wake up.
It's sad to hear, but I understand. 
I tend to embrace my fondest memories of Dad.  How he loved to take naps with Dumas their beloved cat.
And how he was such a funny guy to talk to.  And a good listener.  I miss that about him among other things.
ta Dad..
Hope you and Dumas are talking a nice nap together now in Paradise.


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