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Monday, April 2, 2012


This was a new fun art for me.   Such great FUN!!!
I started out with a multi wash of color.
I love watercolor so working on this wood using very wet acrylics
is as much fun for me as doing watercolors.
After this dried,
I started adding some wispy plant designs.. again with a wet brush dipped in
watered down acrylics, but with enough color to show up.
Drying time again.  Sometimes I speed this up with my heat gun.

Next I stamped some designs with paint.. for added elements.
And then took an old plastic dollie and used it as a stencil to spray paint over.
This really gives a nice lacy garden feel.

Next came the blackbird and the branch.  And lastly,
the collaged dictionary pages for the poppies.

Lastly the berries.. which I loved.

Now my artistic juices are flowing,
and I want to do MORE!

ta for now

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