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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I have always been an early morning person.  It's the calm time of the day. The ahh part of being alive for me.
Everyday brings new ideas, new hopes, new projects.  A fresh start of whatever you desire.  When I am drinking my morning coffee and look out the window to see this kind of sunrise, I feel a wash of gratitude and
humbleness.  That we are so fortunate to be witnessing this miracle. 
We have had a lovely fall.. September was nearly a continuation of summer.  October started out the same.
It's certain we will be thrown into winter..  I am already thinking about those new snow tires I need to buy.
And while I long to have summer last year round, I know winter is around the corner.  And winter
to me means more studio time.  More art.  And that's good.
I must tackle lots of orders.
But the art is waiting for me.. lots and lots of it.

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