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Friday, October 29, 2010


Through some of my wonderful facebook artist friends, I was reminded how much I love to do these
doodles.. also known as Zentangles.  I guess there is some claims that the word Zentangles can only be used by certified "zentanglists"  of which I really have to shake my head in disbelief.  And I won't waste my energy on that subject.
Instead, I have been playing with this dog design which resulted in this fun design.  Now I want to do
more, of course.  This is the fun when you do these.  I started this design out by taking my Sharpie ultra fine point pen marker and just did a random swirly line across the page.  Them looking at the swirls, I saw
a dog and off it went... and which is why his paw is waving high in the air..
So more of these will come.  It's such a soothing way to sit in the evenings and do couch art.. I can
delightfully tune out those annoying political ads, and half way listen to tv, which mostly bores me.
And is why I listen to NPR during the day in my studio, or watch Turner's or listen to books on tape or
watch a good DVD movie.  Mostly with the tone of today's news.. dismal and depressing... I limit that
exposure for myself.  Keeps my spirit much lighter, thank you very much.  It's a wonder this whole country
isn't on some anti-depressant meds listening to the media.
more art.  :)
always good.

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