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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


A peek into the side garden this morning.. our first noticable snow.
We have a few flurries the past few days, but early this morning it got cold enough
to bring the snow level down to the town. 
I was happy to get back into my studio and my current project.

Here's the parts..
Little mold tins, I collect these at thrift shops and yard sales.
And I decided that these should be incorporated into some art for the upcoming shows
I am doing.  The blackbird heads are cut from an old patent leather (fake) purse.
The nice thing about the current trend of BIG BAGS, is they provide more material for
artists like me that like to cut them up.  :)

And here's my first 4 that I just finished.  The one on the  right,  I am keeping for our kitchen..
I used black zippers for their legs.. ZIPPY!  The wings are cut from wonderful oil cloth material.
I have many more to make.. some will go here and some will go there.  Might even list a few on etsy to
 see how they sell.
I must stop with my morning art and get into my production for Lunar Designs.
My work day begins.
ta ta

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