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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Tomorrow I will be at the airport waiting for my girls to come for a nice long visit.
Nearly 4 months of blissful reunion with my daughter and granddaughter. 
HA is the Hawaiian word for Breath.
When the ancient Hawaiians greeted each other, they would press their noses together and exhale
breathing in each other's HA. 
I know full well how quickly the next months will pass.  And I am determined to BREATHE in every moment
taking the time to savor their HA. 
We will do many wonderful things together.  Both of them are artists and we will have many fun days
of creating art together.  This little studio will be a busy place. 
And I have promised myself to take many moments of embracing the pure joy of being together.
To breathe in their HA and the love we will be feeling together.
NOW will be my daily word,
Now more than ever.

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