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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


 I am reaching a milestone for me. Like a troll under the bridge, sometimes my past sticks it's ugly head up
and spouts off reminding me of my demons from long ago.  The number 14 has been a tripping stone for me in the past.  So when I flipped the calendar this month and saw that I will be with Dan for 14 years, it subconsciously started a dark cloud inside me that came out in a dream.  The dream was very disturbing until I started to piece it apart and really looked at the meaning. I have never been in a relationship that lasted more than 14 years.  That of course, has nothing to do with my current relationship which is so wonderful, I know that logically.  But down in the dungeon of darkness, the troll was whispering to me, here's the expiration date: 14. 
  My old self, would of taken the worst possible outlook and ran with it.  My new self.. the mature, wise
and grounded self.. decided to work  out the dream in my journal.  And what do you know?  The goodness
came through bold and strong.  So I quietly, with a smile, took my broom and dustpan and swept up the
nagging cruel doom-filled words from that old ugly troll, and dumped them into the trash.  And like a seed planted in a new garden, 14 has now become a good number for me. 
  Why am I telling you this?  Mostly because I want to give my new outlook power by exposing it to the world and to sing the praises about art journaling.  This kind of "house cleaning" works so well.  It's powerful.
And it's all available to us if we only do it.  My pal Sheri Gaynor teaches this and to any of you who are looking for insight, her method of  "awakening" is truly life changing.  And the art part is really only a tool used to dig out the information we are looking for.  It resonates so well for me because I am a very visual person.
There is no planning to this journaling.  You just jump in and let the muse carry you and the message just
appears as if by magic.  Oh, look.  It was inside of me all along.  I just needed to unearth the buried treasure.
 so 14 is now my treasured number.  ta-da...


sgaynor said...

I LOVE YOU!!!! Linda, you made me cry this morning. I would not be where I am right at this moment without you love, encouragement and support all these years.

Remember, it's because you took that very first class, all those years ago, that there even is a book!

This is a beautiful writing that shares the power of creativity to transform our lives and our thoughts. To change the story.

Congratulations to you and Dan for your 14 years together. Knowing the both of you, I know there is nothing but gold shining on the path as you continue your lives together. I hope you will take some time to really dig in and celebrate this BIG moment in your life!


Artist Linda Drake and Lunar Designs said...

I do remember the first class and how surprised I was to uncover some stuck-yuck down deep. Also will never forget how I saw my friend in a new powerful light - a facilator! You were able to point out the windows, encourage us to open them wide and leap, walk or for some, baby step out into new possibilites. I felt like poking the person next to me and say..
"she's my best friend"!!!! I was so proud of you!
thanks Sheri.. you are so gifted and so gracious to share your gift with so many.

Artist Linda Drake and Lunar Designs said...

correction: FACILATATOR