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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


When I created this piece, I was feeling my father beside me.  Dad passed away over a year ago,
and when Mom wanted his workshop/garage cleaned out, I went through a lot of my father's stuff.
Dad always was working on some project.  He had a lot of artistic talent, and created some fun art, though
he didn't officially call it that.  He would of called it tinkering.  He was  great about saving things, so I have a lot of fun objects that I acquired.  The copper leg on this angel is from Dad's collection.He shaped it into this loop and hammered it flat, for what purpose I don't know.  I found it in a small bucket of  assorted copper wire that he saved, and now here it ends up in one of my art pieces.  So I know Dad was standing beside watching me assemble this piece.  I could really feel his energy.  And I could feel him smiling.  Because I know my need to create is greatly inspired by Dad.  It's nice to have that fire in your belly passed down from your parent, and a nice way to remember my father.
So this Angel title is appropriate and is partly created by my Dad.  Thanks Dad...
ps I have no idea what the "head" was.  Just a strange piece of metal, and I am not even sure where it came from.  Will have to ask my husband, he might know.  The body of the angel is river driftwood, the wings are old pages from a book that I machine zigzagged with  blue green thread and then covered with beeswax. 

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