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Monday, October 26, 2009

xoxox dada

I finished this sweet guy this morning.  I tried to not get the blaring glare in the photo, but it wouldn't go away, sorry...  He is full of love with a big heart that I scratched xoxox on.  I used an old metal horn and a caster wheel for the legs.  The arms are some crazy spiral metal from something.. I have no idea what.  The head is a piece of  metal I fished out of local cabinet shop's firepit.  I think the spiral metal arms came from that same place. The wood is a sample piece from the kitchen design place where I score pieces of wood.  They will often toss this kind of stuff in the dumpster where I rescue found goodies.  I used an old coffee can to cut out the metal wings.

  Keeping your eye open for junk is always fun.  You spot something, you haven't an exact idea what you
are going to use the found piece for, only that you like it and might use it in art at some point.  Then there is the hard part of collecting  found objects.  They accumulate!!! and before you know it, your studio starts to look like Sanford and Son's!  But I always smile when I think about the end result.  Where the stuff came from, even some from far away sources and here it is, all come together to create art.  It's magical.  It's a nice way to recycle.

And even a better way to start my day.

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