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Monday, October 12, 2009


Just finished this 2nd piece. Today, I worked for an organic idea of nature.  I thought about the ancient people living in nature and how it was such an enormous part of their lives. I thought about the Chaco Canyon people. The elements of weather, changing of seasons and how their lives were often dictated by that force.  How nature and elements possibly forced them to move away, though there are several theories on that.  Compare that to our present world and how we as humans often think we are above that force, and then when typhoons and hurricanes and earthquakes hit, it quickly reminds us of the power of nature.  I know even on a basic level, the absence of sunshine can pull down my spirit if I allow it.  Wake up to a cloudy day like yesterday, and how it compels me to nest inside and my ambitions seem tampered down.  Then wake up, like today, to a beautiful blue sky and the sun bursting into the studio, gets my energy flowing and I am ready to tackle anything.

I did no face.  Sometimes the general head shape speaks more than features of a face.  Keeps it more
of a broad representation.