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Wednesday, October 14, 2009



WE ARE FLYING AWAY...  time to run off and visit the grandkids in Georgia.. I am packing my flip flops and planning on some sweet Georgia time with Jillian and Seamus.  We are landing in Orlando for 3 days
of constant fun with the grandkids and then back up to Georgia for a week of endless hours of giggles and fun.  It's cold and rainy here so BYE BYE cold weather and hello sweet southern warm air.  Caress my toes,
ease my aches and pains, it's been a mad house to get away.  All the pre-getmethehelloutofhere-stuff. 
I do plan on some down time.  Put my feet up and READ.  Have 3 goodie books I am hauling with me.
Hoping to get some quiet time to do just about nothing in particular.
So miss me.. or don't.
I am out of here.

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