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Thursday, October 1, 2009


We woke up this morning to 39 degrees and it's supposed to be even colder tonight.
 But in my bathroom, in the window of the shower, sits my sweet cyclamen.  If you have ever had one of these beauties, they come all full of luscious flowers.  But as time goes by, they stop flowering and often the entire plant fades away.  That has been my experience any how.  But this time, I sat the tired cyclamen in my shower window. It gets lovely light and we shower together everyday!  I drizzle water on the plant and the mist from the shower reminds me of a tropical rain forest. And the little tired cyclamen began to perk up and grow.  Then, a few months ago the plant produced small pods which when I cut one apart, I discovered it was a seed pod.  So I took another pod and stuck it into the dirt beside the mother plant.  And miracles!  It is growing.  So much that I swear I can see it grow.  And now the mother plant is pushing out new leaves!  I am sure I will have to transplant the baby cyclamen at some point, but for now the two plants make my shower time just delightful.  A miracle of joy, of growth.

 It's the little precious things in nature that reminds me to be grateful. That when things in our lives are whirling around us, take a moment to look around you and find a miracle.  They are everywhere if you only open your heart and eyes.

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Merry's Musings said...

awwwwwe! That is so cool. We all need those periods of new growth to be so evident and obvious. Thanks for the share. I don't think I've ever seen a cyclamin seed. How awesome!