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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This dada bird flew into my studio this morning.  She was full of pine needles in her body cavity (an old metal can found in my wanderings in the woods).  When I was shaking out the needles, I thought surely with such a small opening to this can - about the size of a quarter, surely weather couldn't just pack all those needles inside, there was nearly 1/2 a cup full.  I decided it is more likely that a small mouse? might of packed in all that for a nest to keep warm in.  But who knows, it's the bird's secret.

The head of this bird, can you guess what it is?  I especially like the wings.  One is a piece of weathered
drift wood that is so perfectly shaped like a wing and the back wing is a piece of bark off an Aspen tree.  The tail feathers are cut from an old metal decorative plate that was embossed with a design was highlighted blue.
I liked the color and decided my bird could use a fancy "feather" muff around her neck. 

  Did you guess what the head is made from?  It's the back part of a wooden shoe stretcher, the part that wedges into the heel.

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