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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


An old plastic garden chair that we have had for quite awhile.  Originally green, then about 4 years ago, I painted it dark red and painted a big purple heart on the back.. it had become faded and forlorn.
So yesterday I tackled it.  I spray painted the entire chair then began sponging on  pale yellow and white
to create a painterly background.  That was time consuming and not really FUN>  but then the fun part came with the flowers and dots.  I used a lot of house paint.  I have started picking up sale cans of house paint at Lowes.  Some are in the small sample jars.. about 8 ounces.  Those  normally sell for 2.95 but on the bargin table, I pick them up for $1.25.  And gallon cans sell for $5.00.  Any time I step into Lowes, I head over to the paint department to see what colors are available on that bargin table.  It's an economical way to pick up acrylic paint.  Since I clear coat my paint projects with clear acrylic sprays, that house paint is as long lasting as artists paint. 
Today is going to be a GORGEOUS day with WARM temps and blue skies.  AHHHHH!!!!!  So ready for some nice summer weather.  We had a bit of frost yesterday morning, but I had checked with the National Weather Service online and saw the warning so before I went to bed, I covered all my tender plants.  Good thing too.. because they would of been frosted.  Another day in the life of gardening in the mtns..  cover your
butt!!!  We can go from 32 to 80 in one day!
ta for now

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