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Monday, July 27, 2009


If I can't live in Hawaii, then at least I can have these beautfiul hibiscus flowers growing by our front door. These are so gorgeous and big and the color is the exact color I want to paint our kitchen/breakfast nook when I get some time.
I have been really slammed with orders.. a huge blessing and I am swimming in gratitude.
But when I get this busy with orders, my side art takes a hit. The weekend was
busy too. Quick day visit to see mom, and then morning yard work and house cleaning which gobbled up the entire day. We had a wonderful rain Saturday night which was the perfect
time to get out to tackle some long over due weeding. So this morning, I am ready to launch into the week's work. And hopefully, some time to squeeze in some art too.
Sometimes, ART can be just admiring nature's miracle. Like the hibiscus flowers. Perhaps next winter when I am gloomin' about snow, cold and no green, I can pull out these pictures of these flowers and be inspired to paint them.
The laundry art has gone into the recycle bin. Yep, I chucked it. The background turned into
a nightmare. Too ambitious on my part on Yupo paper, which I will still experiment with.
Maybe paint some hibiscus flowers!
So the commission piece will take a new direction.
happy monday, ta

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Doreen said...

WOW...such gorgeous flowers!!! :)