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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


AND THEN SHE FLEW.. This is a piece I did several years ago.. actually part of the entire piece I took apart and decided to "downsize" and take to the market today to sell. I am taking some of my rusty assemblage work in keeping with the theme of Recycle. This is one of my favorite pieces that I have done using old things and creating assemblage. I work in pure doing. In other words, I start with an object and just go with it. I don't pre-create. I don't visualize. I simply do it. Letting my inner thoughts lead the way. Then when the piece is done, I see the meaning and understand why it came out.
I have always tried to fly. Taking myself out of the box, out of the safe zone, out of the knowing, and to push myself into the new, the unknown, the what if..... So this piece told me to keep flying. Keep trying. Keep believing.
Because if you don't, who will.

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