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Thursday, July 16, 2009


This is my anti-war art piece. I am always so saddened by the horrible effects that war has on children and innocent people. Their suffering seems so incredibly unnecessary. I don't understand the need for violence. Ever. I think growing up in the 50's and 60's had a profound effect on me. Watching the Vietnam news reels, so vivid and uncut, deeply rooted in me the
need for a peaceful planet. And if you notice, the war scenes coming out of the middle east are much different now. No body bag counts like in the Vietnam war. Too much protesting came out of that. So the powers that be now keep our exposure more controlled, which really is even more grotesque. After having grandchildren, knowing the love I have for them, I was compelled to create my NO WAR art piece. And being anti-war does not make me a unpatriotic American.
It just means FREEDOM to have an opinion. It doesn't mean I am anti military. I admire the men and women who serve. I know they are fighting for freedom. I just wish we as a human race could solve our differences non violently. That we could live in harmony and allow each other different beliefs and thoughts. To embrace diversity. To finally reach the Civilized
state of no need for a military.
ps.. this is available for sale on etsy. Just listed. Peacefully I might add.

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