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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This is a painting/collage that I have done over the course of a year. I know. It has been evolving. Maybe the meaning of SPEAK has been slow to evolve for me in my real life!?
The details of this piece cannot be given justice in this photo. But I have come to really love this piece. She seems a bit timid to me. But she is holding fast to her heart. The words in the title
above are stamped above the flowers that are floating around her.
For me, it has been a life long journey to speak out loud. I have always walked a path of
empathy for my fellow journey mates. But also feel the importance of not keeping quiet. I was raised to sit down, shut up and not rock the boat. Probably the same way my parents were raised. Children should be seen and not heard. I think, thankfully, that ideology is becoming
less prevalent in today's world... somewhat.. surely not enough.
So I own my thoughts and my words. And speak out when I see the need. But also I hold dear to me the times when I choose not to speak, silence is golden, thus the golden heart she is holding.
With age comes wisdom. ta

She is now available for sale at my etsy shop. Does she speak to you?

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