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Thursday, July 9, 2009


Creating more jumblies for the next Tuesday's downtown market. I love finding old rusty cans out in the wilds that have managed to survive somewhat intact.. I always rescue them with the intent of turning them into art. This can has an old door knob hanging to knock around for fun sounds. I added an array of beads, snapple lids, bells, etc to create the swing of color and sound. These look great hanging in the garden.. the organic rusty can and the sparkles of color.
I need to do more.. have also thought about trying melted records shaped into upside bowls for this same kind of
garden art. I have a big old supply of those hanging around from the 60's. I just can't seem to through them out. One year I made bowls out of some of the old records and then
created gift baskets with gourmet pop corn in the bowls.
It was a fun recycled gift for our friends.
JULY!!! holy cow.. I cannot believe how fast the summer is going. We are loving the warm weather. The garden is blooming it's heart out. The bears are cruising the neighborhood. Last night the dogs had a full on barkfest and I know I heard crashing in the bushes in our neighbor's yard. Finally all calmed down and we were able to go back to sleep! bearly..