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Monday, July 13, 2009


~ an old aspen tree bent and surviving~
~I have never seen these before, will have to research~

edit: Looked this flower up: Green Gentian also known as Monument Plant, Deer's Ears, and Elkweed. I have heard of Elkweed before but don't think I have ever seen it bloom.

columbines, of course

~the meadows are full!~
edit: pink flowers are called the rosy paintbrush, the orange reds are the Indian paintbrush.
the small yellow: alpine buttercups and the purple
are the lupines as far as I can determine.
We took a long jeep ride on Saturday, I wanted to see a view that a local artist had used in his recent mural here in our downtown. I will get a picture of it soon to post. It is one of the most beautiful murals I have ever seen. The flattops up above us are are long wide expanse of open mtn country. The flowers up there this summer are just outrageously beautiful. I took this picture of our state flower, the Columbine. To really appreciate this, know I was standing in a huge field of flowers.. red Indian paint brushes, lupines, and these columbines. Wow. It's so soul filling to be in nature. The abundance of rain is evident all around you. You are tempted to lay down in the midst of all this beauty and just breathe in the universe.
I talked to my artist friend Fred, the artist who did the downtown mural about our trip to the flat tops to see his inspiration point. I was a little confused if we were actually at the right spot because while some of the elements were there, the layout wasn't right. Well after talking to Fred, we were at the right spot. He just took artistic license and re-arranged the vista to
be able to show the view. ahhh. now it made sense. He was really pleased we took the time to go there. I mentioned how incredibly rough the roads were, and he said yes, that's why not a lot of people go up there. I think the forest service keeps some of these back country roads purposely "natural" to keep the throngs out. It helps perserve the prestine country.
But despite the day long trip and endless rocky bumpy ride, we had a wonderful time and enjoyed it fully. One of my more spectacular rides in the back country. And I have lived in Colorado all my life.

Monday morning art: "All Will Be Well". More art to sell Tuesday. What I don't sell, will go on Etsy. Because it will be another month before I do another Tuesday Market. And I will have lots of new art to take then. Always creating. Always grateful.

Hope you have a marvelous Monday, because I know all will be well for you too.


ps I took this original art and decided to turn it into a new design for Lunar's lineup.
you can see for yourself!

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