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Thursday, May 28, 2009


LOTS OF GOOD VIBRATIONS SITTING IN MY STUDIO THIS MORNING! Whenever I compile a stack of work, I feel like a mother gathering her babies around for a family photo! I should of jumped into the photo but I am still in my jammies and hair standing on end... since it's early morning... camera shy.. but very proud and happy and grateful that I have a nice selection to hang. taaa-daaaa!

I am truly happy that I got so much done in a timely manner. YES! Because rushing is terribly maddening for me when I am creating, though I am a fairly fast creator. Some of my artist friends take a lot of time when they do their art. If I linger too long on a piece, my mind takes over and the creative juices drain away! So allowing my playful self to "play" makes the work go quickly and smoothly. I have learned when I get into the mind trips on a piece of art, I lay the work aside and save it for another day. Experience tells me I would be wasting my time and wouldn't be happy with the outcome.

When I look at this grouping, I think my most favorite piece is the 3rd one from the left.. top row. I titled that one "SELF" and I love it most because it's such a personal statement from my soul. It is always interesting to see what will sell.. you just never, never know. And I think that's part of the fun.

And now I can jump into some more ART that I want to do for ME! Well, truly it's all for me..because it's the journey not the destination. And also time to restock my eco pond. Lot's of energy poured out, and now it's time for me to absorb some stuff for self. Back to my daily journaling, soul soaking and just being good myself. I am so often pushed to be all, do all for everyone, everything around me, and I get shoved to the back of the list. Common I think for many of us. But it's good to recognize the garden needs some tending, some extra love and care, so that more will blossom.

Sun is shining and it's a beautiful day. My power thought for the day?



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