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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


No matter what happens, she knows she can withstand the tides that come. Even in a storm,
she has learned to stand tall and ride out the
high surf. In time, the waves settle down and she comes out into the sunshine feeling empowered.

I so admire strong women. We all know them, they seem to take life in stride, and no matter what happens, they walk with strength. Every forward, ever hopeful.

This assemblage started with a flatten can I found with circles printed in the perfect place for a woman's breasts. So I knew this would be an art piece about a strong woman, run over in life, but still persevering. I decided she would be in the ocean because I think of the ocean as a giver of life; a symbol of our journey through life. The buttons create her path along the beach and the waves are crashing around her. But she stands firm and determined. Her eye fixed on the path ahead. Hard to see in the photo, but I used a whale's eye under the glass- the all knowing and all seeing eye of wisdom. The words say: "With every wave, she became stronger".

I love this piece, and I love the message. I wish I could empower all women to remain strong no matter what life blasts them.



Sharon said...

This is a wonderful assemblage. Love the message and your explanation.
Love your blog music to. It's my kind.

And yes you guessed about "Gray Gardens". I think I will do another post with some links because it seems only you and I know about Gray Gardens. ha

Artist Linda Drake and Lunar Designs said...

isn't the Gray Garden story intriguing? I might be tempted to some art about those two as well.
I adore your blog. It's my first click fix when I sit down to my computer. I am an early riser and love to create art in the wee hours of the morning and sounds like you are the same. A quiet peaceful and soul enriching way to start the day!
wish we were closer to have a play day together..