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Thursday, May 14, 2009


These are for my daughter Stephanie. Living in Hawaii and even surrounded by all the tropical splendor there, she longs for the spring lilacs. I remember when I lived there, I too, missed these beautiful sweet blooms. We have six huge bushes, nearly trees really, some white and some lavender. In the morning when I go out early to get the paper, the smell of those lilacs envelops me. It's breath taking..
I missed peaches when I lived in Hawaii years ago. I had the mangoes and papayas of course, but those wonderful Colorado local peaches, I would just drool for. You could buy peaches, but they were just pitiful compared to the really fresh local kind.
I love summer most of all. The fresh produce, the abundance of flowers, the lovely warm weather; it's all heavenly. We are sleeping with our windows wide open which I love. All the wonderful fresh air.
So here's to Stephanie... sorry I can't post the wonderful sweet smell along with the picture.
Best I can do for you.

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