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Friday, May 15, 2009


These are some of my ah-ha mobiles I have been working on for the Wild Women show. I have a few more to finish. They are fun, colorful and have good messages of awareness. They are light enough to simply tack to the ceiling and I am hoping they will sell well. I like the organic element of the twigs to tie in with the birds. Think I will add small hang tags that say
AH-HA's by Linda Drake

Today I woke up feeling so much more invigorated. I have been dragging butt for a few days. Not sure what was up.. bug of some sorts
or maybe allergies? I have never had allergies but it is pollen season. But today!!!!! I am back to my perky self. So I have lots to tackle today.. orders & some new art for Lunar I need to work on. But this morning, I did make time for my own art. My music playing, my birds singing, the sunshine pouring in, Marley chewing on something he shouldn't, it's all so delicious to be in my studio doing my art. Makes for a lovely soul enriching way to start my day. I think we have to have some butt draggin' days. It makes for more appreciation for the up days, don't you think?

here's to perky tata

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Sharon said...

Your mobiles look great and I bet they will do well. But I love how you day went for you and love all that you said about my latest.