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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Here's a group of bracelets and necklaces that I will be taking to the Wild Women Art Show. I make a series of jewelry that I call Upcycle Art.
With various beads gleaned from old jewelry I then added small bits of fabric and some embellished scrabble tiles. It's all very funky and colorfully jumbly. It makes you really happy when you wear these fun pieces.

I am still creating more art, mostly for the gift shop now. Have my gallery pieces done. Will have to tag and price and do my inventory sheet.
It is a lot of work. I don't think most people (unless you are an artist) realize the effort that goes into these art shows. We even hang our own work. And there is always the burden of pricing your work. The gallery takes their cut - in our case 30% so that has to be included in the pricing. But, it is so exciting when the sales happen. You feel so honored that someone loves your work and pays money for it!!!

I have always tried to price my art for the masses. Especially in our small mountain town, and even more so in today's economy. I have butted heads with some artists who price their work for a lot more than I do. They have expressed their objections to my pricing and it really steps on my toes. My belief is it is really none of their business what I price my work at. I mean this would be price fixing if all artists joined in their pricing! I would rather see my work sell and be out in the world being enjoyed than setting in my studio collecting dust with high price tags. And I have been complimented by a lot of my patrons that they really appreciate my reasonable pricing!
Thank you! I love that my art goes to thankful people. Isn't that part of the joy with ART? So I continue to do my thing and ignore some of the party poopers. It will be interesting to see if the pricing of some of these high end artists comes down with this show with the present economy pressing down on us.

I plan on making money this summer from this show. Expect it!

have a gorgeous day.. the sun is SHINING!!!!! after a week of rain. Though the garden is gleaming green and lush with all that nuturing rain.


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