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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I know, again. But I want to send this to a dear friend of mine. This might be a hard month for her, and was going to send a card. But then I decided I could make her one of my bird pieces. I like this one with the hanging twig. On the back of the bird circles, I painted flowers so if the circles turn there will be art on all sides. The strings of beads and shells just makes me happy.
I hope it does the same for her.


Auntie's Steph's Face Painting ! said...

A Mothers Love
To some love is just a word
To me it's a feeling A feeling
I get everytime I look into your eyes
A feeling I get when I realize you're my mom
A mom who loves, shares, A mom who inspires
What's that?
That's love
A mothers love, but only you would know
And me
You returned that love time and time again
Possibly to much, nevertheless you did
Thank-you for being there when I needed you most
For being my rock when I should have been yours
Thank-you for believing in me, even when I doubted myself
For being the one person I could trust
No matter what, no matter where
But most of all thank-you for being you-my mom
A mom I am so proud to claim
I love you
Now and forever
- Anonymous

Only a Mother’s Love

Only a mother’s love will sustain,
When nobody else does.

Only a mother’s love will trust,
When nobody else believes.

Only a mother’s love will forgive,
When nobody else understands.

Only a mother’s love will honor,
Whatever the cause.

Only a mother’s love will withstand,
Any test of time.

There is no other earthly love,
Greater than that of a mother.

love me

Artist Linda Drake and Lunar Designs said...

Oh sweet Stephanie.. thank you from the bottom of my heart. Do you know that being your mom is one of biggest highlights in my life? And to make it even richer, I know get to see you be an incredible mom to Emalie. So thank you for bringing so much light into my life. And thank you for creating amazing Emalie..and Robert too.
big hugs and smooches