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Friday, May 8, 2009


My daughter Stephanie posted this sweet video of Emalie painting. She LOVES to paint!!! There is nothing sweeter than watching a child create. This is my sweet little granddaughter Emalie painting outside in Hawaii.. what a lucky kid to live in paradise. Her little paint station out in the sweet tropical air and she is truly in PARADISE! Stephanie really encourages Emalie to do art whenever she wants. Always wonderful to see parents supporting creative energy in children. Yeah Stephanie!!! And look, Emalie even has some pink in her hair.. what you want to bet, Emalie got pink paint in her hair, so Stephanie swept up her hair in a quick do to get her hair out of range (hopefully) from the paint? She is just like her grandmother... I always end up with paint on my face and in my hair when I am painting monsters.

As adult artists, we strive to evolve past the "proper adult thinking" and allow our playful child to come into our art. Learning how to play again, allows us to truly let our creative muse come out uninhibited. That why it's so wonderful to have opportunities to play with our grandchildren. How blessed we are to share time with them. For those of you who have your grandchildren living close, count your blessings, because ours live too far away. sniff.



Judy said...

RE: May 6th blog...I am the grateful and deeply indebted friend who has been showered with love from Linda. She has been thoughtful to remember that this is the year anniversary of my partner's passing. More art for my Linda Drake gallery. I am so honored.

Artist Linda Drake and Lunar Designs said...

We all miss Steve and know that he is smiling down on you as you remember all the love you two shared. I am certain he is still roaming around the garden with you loving all your beautiful flowers that you nuture and bless.
hugs to you Judy