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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


While you are looking at my new art, take a moment to scroll down and find the song Mango Tree and click on it. This will be the perfect background music for you to listen to while you read about my mango tree art.
This was so much fun to create. She is a tropical mama complete with mango seed wings. I found this mango seed pod washed up on the shore in Hawaii. Only the outer shell was left and it was still in one piece. I gently pried the pod apart and used these as her mango seed wings! Her body is driftwood from the same beach. And her breasts are puka shells. Puka in Hawaiian means hole. These little shells wash up on the beaches...little remnants of shells round and with the small puka (hole) in the center. Perfect for stringing into necklaces, etc. Her legs and feet are from an old rusty bicycle chain. Her head is a worn piece of coral from the beach with a scrabble tile embellished with an eye and shells on each side. I used fabric for the ground and tree with painted mangoes.
I was inspired by the Mango Tree song when I did this. I think mangoes are such a beautiful fruit. The colors of the skin vary which is so luring and tempting to paint. The smell of a fresh mangoes are so delicious and the juice drips down your chin as you bite into this wonderful tropical fruit. Yes, I would love to have a mango tree in my backyard. And a papaya tree as well. YUMMY!!!!
Hope your day is filled with lots of juicy surprises, maybe even in your own backyard.

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