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Thursday, June 25, 2009


Recycled Art has always been one of my loves. I have been invited to sell art at our downtown outdoor market that is held once a week. Artists can sell their work with a recycled art theme - which I jumped at the chance to do.
I have a ton of small frames, etc that I am digging through
to make art out of.... recycling!!!! And I want to do bird art.. especially love making the nests.
The Art on the left says "Practice Random Acts of Green-ness" and the nest is made out of brown shreds of packing material. I printed the words out on brown paper bag ran through my printer.. pheww!!! it actually worked and didn't jam up the printer.. Yeah!!!! Because the printer is an ink-jet I sprayed the words with clear acrylic to preserve the print. The bird is muslin with orange cotton wings. The flowers and stems are also fabric.
For "Peace Lives Here" I cut a small branch from the Sarvis berry bush out in our front yard.. (this is covered with little green berries that the birds will soon be enjoying when they are ripe!). I sewed on antique white buttons to the branches and tied on more fabric strips. I decided to make a wire hanger and added more buttons and fabric strips. PEACE LIVES HERE can be a reminded to us that even with the world's turmoils revolving around us, we have the ability to create our own peace in our own house, in our own family. For this bird nest, I used our paper shredder to shred up a mail order catalog.. lots of various colors. The bird is cut from an antique cotton mattress pad and her wings are cotton scraps from an old dress of mine. The birch board panel you would usually paint on the front, but I used the back for the inset purpose.
So more more art to work on, but for now, the orders are glaring at me, so it's time to go to work.. another sunny warm day here. I think summer is really here. Yippiee!
ta ta

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