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Monday, June 15, 2009


I found this beautiful quote by Hafiz and knew I had to add it to my angel art. So I created a series of three images and decided I wanted them framed that way. I like the idea of separating the poem. It allows a pause for the reader - time to let the words sink in, rather than read it all at once.

Love seems to be so abused in our world.... so holding on fast to the good in love, the great in love, the miracle in love is the

anchor we all should strive to hold tight to. I am so often sadden on a core level when I see war and hate. I will never understand the need to destroy. I have to filter my exposure to the NEWS. It tends to pull me down if I watch or listen to it too often. Seems to me the 24-7 news that we are flooded with, is just too much information... bad information. And who knows how much of that is blown out of proportion.

I think many of us long for a simpler time. When you only watched the evening news and that 1/2 hour was just plenty for the day. And since I can't change the world's news media, I restrict a lot of it. I stay informed but do not allow it overwhelm me.

Because I believe in the power of LOVE. I think the influence of the 60's is still alive and well in me. John Lennon had the right idea. Just Imagine.


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