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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Another assemblage done. I used the other wooden shoe insert and created another art doll. Because "NOW" -the birthday angel I made the other day- sold so quickly, AND two more of my art pieces at the WW gallery, I need to replace the empty spots with more art. ohhh love that..... MORE ART, PLEASE!!! (doing the gratitude dance here!)
Again, I used an old doll head, but this time, cutting all her hair off. (And I have to admit, it's so liberating to do that!) Then created a new do with recycled packing shreds.. they are zig zag-y and look so cool. She has the spiral tattoo on her forehead to remind herself to breathe. Her heart is full and she keeps hope alive no matter what comes to her on the wind.
I used a line from one of Jack Johnson's songs. The album is "Sleep Through The Static" and the song "All At Once". I love and adore his music. He's probably about my son's age, but must be an old soul because the wisdom in his lyrics is so incredible. I have not found a musician/writer that I am so crazy about since James Taylor, who I still listen to.. but I must say I have been listening to Jack's music a lot lately. Like all the time. And it's wonderful to make art to.
But today I think I will listen James Taylor.

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