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Thursday, June 11, 2009


She came to me with a message of patience. I struggle with people I cannot change. I know we all do. But when it's someone you love, it becomes even more difficult. (My DH often will point to both sides of the coin when this happens to me, while he opens a window for me to see a new prespective, and it quite often helps me. But not always.)
So when that window remains closed I have learned to reach down inside myself and hold tight to what's really important in those moments of frustration. Sometimes I can do it, other times I lose my grip and that strong wind of anger catches me and away I go.
My father had a fierce temper at times. I have learned to contain mine or at least I have been able to do that till this past year. I notice I am more flammable. Might be good, as I know to harbor anger, only makes it fester. I am beginning to wonder if my father left me his sparks!
So with this "gift" I will learn to use it sparingly but
know it's good to let out the smoke before all catches fire!
This angel came from the universe. I had no idea she was coming out when I started working on the background this morning. She called to me and I let her come forth. After I finished her, I decided to put her into three frames. I will show that tomorrow because I am running out of time this morning.
Work is calling me... and it's raining again.. yumm...

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sheri said...

Linda, a book is in your heard it here first...or maybe second.

Luv you!