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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


It's a cloudy day.. mild temps and when I ran upstairs to fix a bite, SOUP called to me. I am not so crazy about canned soup... it's just so blah.
So I started reaching into the cupboard and created this de-lish soup.. in about 10 minutes!
It's yummy and so I thought this will be my ART for the day! Here's my "recipe" I call it Grateful Soup! (grateful not to just eat plain ole blah canned soup- POBCS!)
*PINTO BEANS, rinsed. you could also use black beans,etc whatever you have on hand
okay. so just dump all this into your soup pot..stir and then add a can of * CHICKEN BROTH.
Then you add a package of lean smoked *TURKEY SAUSAGE, sliced, and then 1/2 bag of green giant *FROZEN VEGGIES (I used broccoli, carrots and cauliflower in a cheese sauce).
For spices I grabbed some *CUMIN, *CHILI POWDER & *MRS DASH EXTRA SPICY SEASONING BLEND. season to your taste...
Lastly I chopped up a big handful of fresh *CILANTRO and *6 GREEN ONIONS (using about 1/2 of the stems)... and tossed that in... I like having the cilantro and green onions fresh... When I reheat this tonight for our dinner, I will toss in some more fresh cilantro. You could also use cooked chicken.. that would be great too.
It's yummy soup..quick and easy and mucho better than POBCS. A nice salad and dinner's ready tonight.. hey! more time for art!
I love summer, but when it's really hot, soup doesn't sound good. So with a cool cloudy day, it's nice to take advantage of the day, and make a quick hot soup.. LOVE IT! Ya make the most of what the day brings ya!!!

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