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Monday, June 29, 2009


I knew I was going to see more polka dots! I bought this little cute table at a garage sale a month or so ago for $2! Sturdy is what I look for.. no wobbles. So this morning I decided to do a big daisy design after I painted the table a lovely mango red orange. This is the color I want to paint our kitchen/breakfast nook.. someday.. when I have time.... you know....

I did the daisy out of dictionary pages with a golden yellow fabric for the center.. then decided to add the turquoise dots... and then the spirals. I added little Love taglines for interest and xoxox's around the edge of the lower shelf.. I love it.. would love to keep it for myself, but this will go into tomorrow's show.

I love painting pieces like this. Have 3 simple wooden barstools that I want to paint. Doing this project this morning reminded me how much I love to paint on furniture. Will have to keep my eyes open at yard sales and thrift shops for small pieces I can do more of this on.. I also love to paint on wooden children chairs. Have done some really fun ones and would love to do more.

My computer needs a cleanup so I have unplug and drop off the ailing baby for the "boys" to do their miracle work on. I am really lost without my computer.. but know it's time for some overdue house cleaning for this little guy.

HAPPY MONDAY ___ taa for now.

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