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Monday, June 15, 2009


WE CELEBRATED OUR WILD ART! The wild women opening was a great success with lots of people, lots of energy, lots of good food and lots of smiles. This is our tenth year and the mix of art comes out each year with surprises, and always seems to get even more fantastic than the year before. We dress wild, and we laugh out loud. Some of us dressed as angels, divas, flappers and even a Tree Goddess... (Great hairdo Janet!)

I love to see the mix of art. We all try to stay avant garde and it's fun to see how we sometimes

bring common themes to the show, all unknown to us until we hang the art.

And sales happened. That is always the icing on the cake. Especially in our present economy. The show hangs through the summer so we can replace the sold art with more art. I like the idea that patrons are allowed to purchase and take it out the door with them. Some shows they have to wait till the show is over, but we decided with a three month show, that would be too long to ask patrons to wait. They love that they can take it right away!

So now I slip into summer, savoring my most favorite time of the year. I have a wish list of art I want to do simply "because" which is always such a delcious way to create. The garden is lovely, the days are long and sweet. And today is my 58th birthday. I celebrated this weekend with the WW show opening, and then a great deck party Saturday night. But today is for me. A nice day doing ART in my studio, listening to my new CD from Jack Johnson and reflecting on the joys of life. I am embracing getting older. There are so many delicious aspects of getting a little older. Love my new wrinkles. That's my motto!


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