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Thursday, March 5, 2009

new listings on Etsy

I just listed these two girls on Etsy. I created both of these out of recycled fan blades. They
were a kick to make. I used my pop rivet gun to assemble them. I love using this tool. It makes the assembling so easy and strong. The arms were from an old hummingbird feeder! I am always on the lookout at the thrift store for elements that I can use in my assemblage. It is a great lesson in creative thinking when you go to the thrift shop looking precisely for parts for re-purposing. Sometimes the un-assembling of an item can be really challenging and I have to resort to asking my husband to help. Thankfully he is great at doing it. I loved using these old
fan blades, and want to make more art dolls from them.

These have been hanging over our fireplace but I have decided they are ready to fly to new homes. Selling my art sometimes makes me sad to let something I love go, but it always clears up space for new art. So I have learned to focus on what's next.

I want to do some art dolls using smashed spray cans. These are found
occasionally on my walks. They are
not readily available so when I spot one, I get really excited. Rusty and
flat, they are great for assemblage.
I have made several fish out of these but want to make some art dolls out of them.

My camera was on the fritz so it's been awhile since I have been able to post photos. I just got it back all repaired and am thrilled it's working again. We are going to Hawaii in a few weeks for a 12 day visit to my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter.. yippieee.. I am very excited. I am always soooo inspired by the islands and would love to plant myself there as an artist, it's so rich with tropical colors.

off to do my orders.. ta

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